10 Secrets to Spot “Fake Reviews” of Online Bakeries

These days, you will find many bakeries that accept order cake online. In this scenario, it may become difficult to separate the reliable businesses from the ones that make false claims. You may read the reviews of previous customers to determine the quality of a business. However, there are many businesses that post fake reviews on their websites. Using the following tips, you can spot the fake reviews and make an informed decision before selecting a business for cake online delivery.

Facts about Products

In real reviews of the cakes, you can learn about the following facts.

  • The quality of the cake and its features, such as aesthetics, flavour, uniqueness of design etc.

  • Whether or not the ordered items have been prepared and delivered based upon client’s specifications

2. Overuse of Personal Pronouns

The fake review of any product is likely to overuse the personal pronouns (‘I’ and ‘me’) in order to seem credible to the readers.

3. No Profile Picture & Generic Names

The fake reviews are usually posted by the profiles with generic names (with first name and without any last name) and no pictures. The profiles of fake customers may feature the photos of individuals from the ‘stock photo gallery’.

4. Timing of Review

The real reviews are not published simultaneously. Therefore, if multiple reviews have been published on the same day or at closer interval one after another, then they are fake reviews.

5. Repetition of Phrase

The fake reviews contain repetitive phrases (excellent, superb, awesome etc.) due to lake of real experience.

6. Look for Other Reviews

You may search for reviews posted by the same profile regarding other businesses to determine their authenticity.

7. Extremely Positive or Extremely Negative Reviews

The extremely positive reviews may be posted by a business for online reputation management and the extremely negative reviews may be posted by the people trying to taint the reputation of a business.

8. 3/5 Stars

The reviews with 3 out of 5 stars for a business are likely to be genuine from customers providing constructive feedback.

9. Verification of Purchase

In some websites, the original reviews regarding customized cakes or other products are tagged as the ‘verified purchase’.

10. Contacting a Reviewer

You will receive no answer from the writers of fake reviews if you enquire about their reviews on ‘Google local guides’.

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