5 Graduation Cake Ideas for 2022 from Cream and Butter

The graduation day of your child has to be celebrated irrespective of the age or class. It signifies different transitory periods of your child’s life. Therefore, it has to be celebrated and the celebration remains incomplete without cakes for graduation day. A cake for the graduation day can be customized based upon the age or preferences of a graduate. For example, the cake for a boy or girl graduating from the junior school will be different from the cake for a young adult going to college. You may select a cake for a graduate based upon the following ideas and may place an order for the graduation day cakes online.

1. Graduation Day Cake for Kids

If your child has been graduated from the primary school, then you may customize the cake’s design based upon their favorite characters from the stories, their real-life heroes or favorite sportspersons. The cakes may even be designed to represent their favorite activities. If you live in Dubai, then you can find customized cakes through cake shops in Dubai.

2. Graduation Day Cake for Young Adults

If your child is graduating from the middle school to high school, then customization of the design may depend upon their choice of activities, such as sports, hobbies or other activities. You may use the photographs of your child’s favorite sportspersons or other celebrities to decorate the cake. The photos are printed using edible ink and frosting sheets or wafer paper.

3. Graduation Day Cake for College Students

If you live in Dubai, then you will find customized cakes through many cake shops in Dubai. The designs of the graduation cake for the college students may be personalized based upon the choice of their profession.

4. Customized Designs Based upon Gender

The businesses that deliver cakes in Dubai can suggest ideas for design of graduation cake based upon a graduate’s gender. For example, female graduates from school or college may prefer beautifully decorated cakes whilst male graduates of the same age may prefer minimalist design.

5. Customized Writing for Graduation Day Cake

When you order cake online from Cream and Butter, you may customize the writing on the graduation day cake to send a message or to indicate the next destination on the journey of their life.

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