6 Things to Consider before Ordering a Wedding Cake

A wedding ceremony seems incomplete without a cake. However, selecting a cake, which is as special as the wedding ceremony, may seem difficult. There are several factors to keep in mind, such as

  • Design a cake that complements the theme of the wedding ceremony

  • Number of tiers

  • Basic style

  • Type of icing and filling

  • Design of the topper and materials used for decoration etc.

In this scenario, you may benefit from the following tips before ordering a wedding cake or marriage anniversary cake.

1. Budget

At first, you have to consider the budget for the cake since you have to spend on various other items during the wedding ceremony. The cost of a cake depends upon a variety of factors, such as

  • Cake’s style, size, and weight

  • Number of tiers

  • Type of icing or decorative materials

  • Hours spent on baking and designing

  • Number of people working on a cake

  • Baker’s experience

2. Bakery

Your wedding is a special occasion in your life. Therefore, it is prudent to do homework before selecting a bakery and placing the wedding cake order or wedding anniversary cake order online. You may visit the selected bakeries to learn if you feel comfortable with the baker and the team.

3. Shape

The cakes are no longer shaped to be round. They come in different geometric shapes, such as square, hexagonal, and diamond. This may be an important factor to consider before placing an order for the cake.

4. Decoration

You may ask for the guidance of an experienced baker when selecting the right method of decorating a cake for a wedding anniversary or wedding ceremony. It is prudent to keep the design simple and to avoid combining numerous design elements on a cake.

5. Flavor

The stunning looks are not enough; a cake has to be delectable. You will benefit from the suggestions of an experienced baker when selecting the flavor of your wedding cake or wedding anniversary cake. These days, cakes are being made of single and multiple flavors.

6. Delivery

It is prudent to select a bakery which has the manpower and vehicle to safely deliver the cake to the location of the wedding.

You can make an informed decision before ordering a cake for any ceremony based on these tips.

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