Bridal Shower Cake Ideas that will Inspire You

Bridal shower is an event which celebrates the upcoming marriage of a bride to be. It is usually organized by a bride’s mother. A bride’s maid-of-honor and other friends or relatives may contribute to the event or may organize the bridal shower on their own. The guests offer gifts to the bride for her new home and the event serves either brunch or lunch. No bridal shower is complete without a bridal shower cake and a beautiful cake may become the center of attraction. If you are planning for the ‘bridal shower’ event, then you may surprise the bride-to-be with a beautiful cake after being inspired by the following ideas

1. Floral Charm

It is hard to imagine a wedding ceremony without flowers. Therefore, a cake for bridal shower may be decorated with flowers or floral patterns.

  • The flowers may be created using wafer paper or using butter-cream.

  • Some cake shops in Dubai use edible pressed flowers (nasturtium, carnation, impatiens, peony etc.) to decorate cakes. The petals of an edible flower or an entire flower can be used.

  • Beautiful floral designs may be painted on a cake for decoration.

2. Waffle Cakes

If a bridal-shower ceremony is being held at brunch time, then a cake made of waffle will be a unique addition to the party. The cake may be decorated using butter-cream flower, edible flower, wafer-paper flowers or berries.

3. Square Cakes

Not all cakes have to be round or oval in shape. You may opt for a tiered square cake if you want to surprise everyone at the party with an exceptionally artistic cake. A square cake may be colored in bold shades (black, blue or fuchsia) and decorated using butter-cream/edible/wafer flowers/hand-painted flowers, glitters and other edible decorative items. You may order cake online if you cannot find a local baker to prepare square cakes.

4. Naked or Semi-Naked Cake

The naked or semi-naked styling is the latest trend in cake industry. You may find such cakes through local bakeries or through businesses that deliver cakes in Dubai. The top and sides of a naked or semi-naked cake can be beautifully decorated as per your liking.

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