Cake Storage Guidelines: Learn How to Store & Preserve Your Cakes for Days

The process of preserving a cake depends upon the type of the cake and its icing. For example,

  • A cake with fondant icing or a cake made with peanut butter and pecans can be stored outside the fridge.

  • A cake that is decorated with fresh fruits and cheese cream frosting has to be refrigerated.

The humidity of the refrigerator may strip a cake off its natural moisture. However, you have to refrigerate a cake if the room temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The following tips can keep you informed regarding the right method of preservation before you order cake online.

1. Preservation for a Shorter Period of Time You have to refrigerate a cake if you want to preserve it for 2-3 days after receiving it through cake online delivery. You have to follow a few steps for proper preservation.

  • You have to use a cake-keeper or have to place a cake on a plate and cover it using an upturned bowl before refrigerating it. This will prevent the cake from losing the moisture or from absorbing the odours of other refrigerated edibles.

The customized cakes or any other type of cake remains fresh for 2-3 days when it is refrigerated in this manner.

2. Preservation for Longer Period of Time You have to preserve a cake in the freezer if you want to keep it fresh for longer than a week after having it through cake online order Dubai. You have to follow these steps in this scenario.

  • You have to wrap the remaining piece of cake using double layers of a plastic wrap. It seals the cake from the external elements alongside preventing it from drying out.

  • You have to place a silver foil on top of the plastic wrap in order to protect the cake from freezer burn.

You can preserve a whole cake or the remaining pieces of cake in this manner for 3-4 months. However, it is prudent not to preserve a cake for such a long period of time. You have to thaw a cake at the room temperature after taking it out of the freezer if you want to enjoy its original texture.

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