Customized Cakes Ideas for Any Occasion

Updated: Jul 12

No celebration is complete without a cake and there are different ways to customize a cake’s appearance. You may customize the design of a cake based upon the theme or type of an event or based upon the age or gender of the main person of an event. There are many cake shops in Dubai and you may find different types of customized cakes online through these shops.

Character Cakes

For example, the cakes designed like cartoon characters are ideal for kids’ birthdays. Some teenagers are fond of comic characters, movie starts or sportspersons. In this scenario, it is possible to design a cake in the shape of their favourite characters to celebrate any special day of their life. The character cake is suitable for any occasion. The design can be customized based upon the choice of the person whose special day is being celebrated.

Fault Line cakes

The ‘fault line cake’ is the latest trend in the world of customized cakes. You may find this variant of cake through many businesses selling customized online cake for all events and occasions. Unlike the ‘geode’ cake, a piece of cake is not carved out in ‘fault line’ cakes. In this scenario, the lines of butter-cream are slightly scooped out. The empty space may be filled with sprinkles, cookies, fruits, chocolate chips/bars or various other items based upon the choice of the person whose special day or achievement is being celebrated.

Piñata Cakes

This unique cake can be filled with different items based upon the choice of the main person of an event or the theme of an event. For example, a piñata cake may be cut to celebrate a birthday/anniversary/graduation day or any other event. In this scenario, the surprises kept inside a piñata cake for a kid’s birthday is going to be different from the surprises of a piñata cake for a wedding anniversary or graduation day celebration. You will find this variant of cake through businesses providing doorstop cake delivery in Dubai.

Photo Cakes

The popularity of ‘photo’ cakes has increased over the years. You may look for photo cake online order Dubai through reputed shops if you want customized cakes for any occasion. In this scenario, edible papers (made of sugar and starches) and edible ink are used to print an image.

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