Find the Birthday Cakes Trend

Updated: Jul 12

If you prefer customized cakes for birthday, then you will benefit from following the recent trends. You may follow these trends when baking cakes at home or when placing an order for custom cakes at shops.

Fault Line Cakes

The fault-line cakes have become a raging trend and their popularity has continued to increase over time. In this scenario, the middle layer of the cake is partially scooped out and filled using the cream, spreads or jam of varying flavours and other ingredients for garnishing, such as

• Edible beads

• Sprinkles

• Dried or fresh fruits

• Cookies

• Macaroons

• Nuts

The fault line can be filled using a large variety of edibles. You may use a filling of your choice when you order birthday cake online.

Minimalist Design

The minimalist cakes stand out because of their understated design. This type of cake is minimally embellished with icing. To customize the design of this type of cake, you may ask the businesses that accept birthday cake online order Dubai to design a cake based upon the shape, colour or flavours of your choice. A minimalist cake can be designed using a palette of colours or a single colour using edible pearls or chocolate beads for decoration.

Hand-Painted Design

You may even order hand-painted birthday cakes online if you are looking for artistic cakes. These cakes are as beautiful as a piece of art. The designs may be hand-painted on the cakes made of fondant, butter-cream, cream-cheese or whipped cream frosting based upon your preference. It is possible to create a wide variety of designs on hand-painted cakes.

Naked or Semi-Naked Cakes

This is another trend in the world of cakes and you may find this variant of cake through many businesses offering birthday cake online delivery service. This type of cake is not dressed or partially dressed in icing or frosting which is smeared on the exterior surface of the cakes. However, it is possible to design the naked or semi-naked cakes in different ways using edible flowers, floral designs, fresh fruits, dry fruits, edible beads, chocolate sauce etc.

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