Fun facts about Birthday Cakes

Updated: Jul 12

The celebration of a birthday remains incomplete without cutting a birthday cake. These days, you fill find different types of cakes to celebrate birthdays. You may customize the design of a cake or may follow the latest trends when ordering a birthday cake. You may order birthday cake online and have the cake delivered on the special day to you or to the special person.

Historical and Fun Facts about Birthdays

Birthday Cake Origin

  • It is believed that the cakes were first used in Germany to celebrate the birthdays. In 1400s, the bakers in Germany baked sweetened dough cakes of single layer to celebrate children’s birthday. These cakes were coarse and they tasted like sweetened bread. The cakes of yesteryears were different from the modern birthday cakes online.

History of Using Candles

  • The use of candles on the birthday cake is believed to be started by the Greeks. They made round cakes to honour the Artemis (goddess of the moon, hunt, wild animals, vegetation, chastity and childbirth). The lit candles represented the glow of the moon. The smoke from the candles was believed to carry their wishes and prayers to the goddess.

  • The use of candles on the birthday cakes is also documented in the history of Germany. In 18th century, the candles were used on birthday cakes during the Kinderfest (celebration for children’s birthday).

Fancy Birthday Cakes

  • The baking of fancy birthday cakes (made using icing, decorations and multiple layers) started in 17th century. However, these delicacies were costly and could be afforded by the wealthy people.

  • In 1800s, the baking ingredients became affordable enabling people to bake birthday cakes at home. However, you have to contact the professionals if you want customized cakes for birthday.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • In middle ages, cakes were round and flat breads which were hard baked on both sides.

  • The frosted cream used as the middle layer of a cake is known as ‘Whoopie’ pies.

  • The recipe for ‘Red Velvet’ cake was circulated an act of revenge. A lady liked the taste of ‘Red Velvet’ cake and enquired about the recipe. She was charged $ 100 by the restaurant for the recipe. That’s why she circulated the recipe as an act of revenge. Now, you can have any cake for birthdays through birthday cake online order Dubai.

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