Interesting facts! You Never Knew About Wedding Cakes

Whether you celebrate the first anniversary after tying the knot or 50 years of being in love with your spouse, the celebration of wedding anniversary is incomplete without a marriage anniversary cake. Whenever you cut a cake with your spouse by your side, it is going to revive the memory of your wedding day. Cakes have become integral part of wedding and there are some interesting facts about the wedding cake which is not known to many.

1. The wedding cake is a symbol of fortune, prosperity, and fertility. It is made using quality ingredients with hopes that the nuptial bond lasts forever and the couple has many children.

2. Traditionally, wedding cakes are supposed to have three tiers.

The bottom tier is supposed to be served during the wedding ceremony.

The middle tier is supposed to be served later.

The top tier is supposed to be preserved for the christening of firstborn.

3. In the middle ages, multiple little cakes were stacked up. The bride and groom had to kiss each other over this pile. The successful couples were considered to have a happy married life.

4. The latest style of wedding cake was invented by Thomas Rich in 18th century. He was a chef in London who was inspired by the steeple of St. Bride’s Church when thinking about a wedding cake’s design.

5. In yesteryears, the bride and groom had a cake for each on the day of wedding.

A groom’s cake was fruitcake which was made of chocolate. It symbolized virility and fertility. It was distributed as favors amongst the guests.

A brides’ cake was covered in white icing as the symbol of purity. It was served at the dinner.

6. The pure white icing is called ‘royal icing’ because Queen Victoria used pure white icing on her wedding cake for the first time. The white wedding dress became popular after this wedding.

The celebration of wedding ceremonies or wedding anniversaries remains incomplete without a cake and you can surprise your better-half with a beautiful cake for wedding anniversary. You can find artistic cakes through businesses for wedding anniversary cake order online.

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