Remember These 5 Tips before Ordering A Custom Cake For Your Big Day

Updated: Jul 12

When ordering a custom cake for a special day in your life, you may feel overwhelmed by the latest trends in custom cake designs or the ideas shared by the cake designers or the options available to you through bakeries. In this scenario, the following tips may be helpful before ordering a custom cake for a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.

1. Information is the Key

A baker needs to have detailed information from a client regarding their preferences or demands in order to bake a custom marriage anniversary cake or a custom cake for any other occasion. Therefore, you have to share the following detail when speaking with a baker -

  • An idea or theme for your cake

  • Details, such as preferable flavours and colours

  • Items to avoid due to food allergy

  • Due date for the cake

  • Number of guests

  • Any references to your idea if possible

2. Price of Custom Cake

A custom cake is being designed based upon your requirements. Therefore, you may not know about the final price of a cake until after it has been baked. It is prudent to talk to the baker before setting a budget for the cake. The total cost of the cake depends upon its -

  • Size

  • Designing style

  • Garnishes being used

  • Time invested by a baker during the process

3. Baking a Custom Cake is Time Consuming

Creating a custom cake takes a lot of time. A baker needs time to plan the process and to bake and decorate a cake. Thus, you have to be realistic about the date of delivery before placing a wedding anniversary cake order online.

4. Enquire about Transportation

It is essential to enquire about the transportation process if a cake is being delivered at your doorstep. A reputed bakery will take necessary measures to prevent any damage to the cake.

5. Professional Service

It’s prudent not to place an order for a custom cake if a bakery does not seem sincere after the primary consultation. A professional baker does not hesitate to accept a client’s feedback even if it is negative.

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